Thursday, September 30, 2010

UN seeks control of our drinking water


I have thought , ever since Obama came into office that he would sign this seas treaty , no one else would sign the treaty which was dragged up by Richard Lugar. I went into Obamas website when he was running for office of the Presidency and once you got through all of the "Donate" pages you could see what he planned on doing, he didn't lie , he had all of the taxes he was going to impose, less one or two new ones that he has added, a reparation tax and a Seas Treaty which would give the UN control over the Oceans and the land water and your baby pool in your own back yard, and I believe he did sign it as he does everyting, behind our backs and behind congress and the Senates back. When I read this I thought that's what he must have done and I have also seen stories of green groups and water management down in Utah playing around with the water down there, they killed off a lot of wetlands and animal life and prairies grasses which will never come back because they didn't know how to take care of it the way the people of Utah did. Now we have this, if you read it it sounds as if they want to give people clean drinking water and dig wells for people in 3rd world countries but that isn't it, its for all of us, America with the cleanest finest drinking water in the world, what do we need them for, maybe to ration our water ? darn right, whomever controls the water controls the world and I think it has finally come to pass. I am sure we won't let this happen, I know we won't but still they try. Get the UN out of our lives and withdraw from the Global community, since Bush shoved us into the Global community and Obama is giving all we have away we are heading towards becoming a 3rd world country ourselves. Get them out while there is sitll an America.

I'm sorry, I still haven't figured out how to get a live link so you will have to copy and paste if you want to read the story. I'll get at it this week and hopefully I will have a live link by next week, I'm not very good with html.


  1. Who owns the water owns the world is damn right! People say we're running out of water but they forget that the earth is covers 71% of the earths surface - not including groundwater!!

  2. PS, the verification word for my last comment was "damings." Go figure lol


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