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UN seeks control of our drinking water


I have thought , ever since Obama came into office that he would sign this seas treaty , no one else would sign the treaty which was dragged up by Richard Lugar. I went into Obamas website when he was running for office of the Presidency and once you got through all of the "Donate" pages you could see what he planned on doing, he didn't lie , he had all of the taxes he was going to impose, less one or two new ones that he has added, a reparation tax and a Seas Treaty which would give the UN control over the Oceans and the land water and your baby pool in your own back yard, and I believe he did sign it as he does everyting, behind our backs and behind congress and the Senates back. When I read this I thought that's what he must have done and I have also seen stories of green groups and water management down in Utah playing around with the water down there, they killed off a lot of wetlands and animal life and prairies grasses which will never come back because they didn't know how to take care of it the way the people of Utah did. Now we have this, if you read it it sounds as if they want to give people clean drinking water and dig wells for people in 3rd world countries but that isn't it, its for all of us, America with the cleanest finest drinking water in the world, what do we need them for, maybe to ration our water ? darn right, whomever controls the water controls the world and I think it has finally come to pass. I am sure we won't let this happen, I know we won't but still they try. Get the UN out of our lives and withdraw from the Global community, since Bush shoved us into the Global community and Obama is giving all we have away we are heading towards becoming a 3rd world country ourselves. Get them out while there is sitll an America.

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FBI escorts Hamas through top secret center


Monday, September 20, 2010

The sword and the sabre

Here is an interesting article and I have thought about this for a long time before I saw this article. This is what our constitution is for , to protect Americans and America, if we didnt' have a constitution we would have been in real trouble a long time ago, now that Obama is in office and we have Muslims coming in by the thousands a month and pushing Shariah law and Mosques and making demands that are just outrageous, we really have to look to the Constitution for help. We don't have to just sit back and let a whole group of people ride over us with mack trucks. Like any naughty child who is a guest at your house, if they can't behave, they are sent home and if they keep it up thats what we need to do. If you read this article and you have also read the constitution there are several clauses in it that apply to more than just unwanted immigrants with strange laws and ideas, it also applies to several things that are being done to us on a daily basis, things that are illegal and against the constitution such as land grabs , conservation of land and of all waterways, oceans, streams and any water they can get their hands on including wells and bab y pools, if anything is an inalienable right its water, without it we die, and we die filthy. Here might be the solution to a lot of problems if we can find someone in the Senate or congress that will finally use it.
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The Plan Is For You To Die Homeless and Hungry

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By Andrew C. Wallace
August 21, 2010

REJOICE AND CELEBRATE, FOR THE WORDS IN THIS TITLE ARE ABSOLUTELY TRUE. Getting back our jobs and prosperity is simple. But, you must have the courage to use the facts in this document to demand that your candidates perform specified functions, or the elections will change nothing. The Truths in this paper are so Absolutely Powerful, Anti-PC and Anti-Marxist Media, that some may question them as being outrageous. You are encouraged to do your own research. Underlined activities should be accomplished first.

Our Marxist Progressive Officials are Traitors, who have unconstitutionally seized our government and are killing us by a Thousand Cuts, with more every day. We can’t respond to daily slashings, so before we bleed to death, we must defeat them with just a few bold constitutional moves using the “Rule of Law” that experience has guaranteed will return us to unlimited prosperity and freedom under our Constitution.

If the Traitorous Marxist Officials continue to deny us the “Rule of Law,” and try to defeat us with the “Barrel of a Gun” as they so often threaten, then many Americans will soon die; but the Marxists will all be dead, including the Union thugs, and members of the Elite Families who control the Marxist puppet traitors in government.

The Marxist traitors should be advised of these quotes. “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable,” President John F. Kennedy in 1962. “The use of force without authority, always puts him that uses it into a state of war as the aggressor, and renders him liable to be treated accordingly,” Timothy Baldwin quote from, John Locke and C. B. Macpherson, ed., Second Treatise of Government, (1980), 80-81

Your only choice is to live and die as a proud and free American, or to suffer in abject groveling poverty as a slave to the arrogant Marxist Heathens who despise ordinary working people. Most Blacks and Whites in the inner cities still support Marxist Progressives, formerly known as Democrats, even after 100 years of failed promises, poverty, persecution, contempt and attempts to kill the Blacks. Inner cities are actual Marxist utopias that will soon suffer cataclysmic declines in government support because of reduced contributions from working taxpayers.

• Prosperity is also Impossible for people of any race without (1) proper families, (2) God, and (3) an honest education, which the Marxist progressives have done everything possible to prevent and destroy

• The mayors of New York, Chicago, Washington, DC and other sanctuary cities are doing everything they can to deny citizens their constitutional right to protect themselves from criminals and government tyranny by bearing arms. In these cities, there is no hope of arming honest citizens to support the police and protect themselves; so citizens and police in these cities who can, should practice self preservation and move before the total collapse of society that is being deliberately caused by Marxism.

Marxist officials at all levels, and branches of government, have passed and enforced mostly unconstitutional laws for power and massive looting with absolutely no legal authority or power to do so, while denying citizens their God given constitutional rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

It is impossible, and contrary to human nature, to see how these Marxist Traitors who have exercised unconstitutional and brutal power to deprive the people of their “God Given Constitutional Rights” can expect any protection, mercy, or consideration of any kind from the sovereign citizens of this Republic. The crimes of these Marxists against God and man are second in consequence only to those of Judas Iscariot.

You must know our Marxist enemies, most people don’t. Bill Madden claims: “The leaders are among our wealthiest families here, in Europe and in other parts of the world who aggressively shun publicity. These super-rich families control everything through their major equity positions in the world’s largest corporations owned by their family tax-free foundations (Read) and off -shore numbered accounts. These giant corporations are used as cash cows to subsidize think tanks, shadow government organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Tri-Lateral Commission and the Project for the New American Century, elite universities, unions, the controlled media, leaders of both political parties, lobbyists, government bureaucrats and leaders in other fields such as religion, education and the law.” I call this the “Chain of Command for Treason” which must be destroyed. It is suicidal not to understand this shell game, where the puppet officials of both parties confuse the public by taking turns vilifying the very same Traitors (special interests) who pull their strings for the Super Rich. Some refer to this as the two headed snake.


Our victory over the Godless Marxist Heathens in government will be simple, but not easy.

• First, we must defeat all Marxist Progressive incumbents, both Democrat and Republican, who committed Treason by voting for unconstitutional laws, and anti-constitution judges while looting our country.

• Next, we must vote only for candidates who convince us that they have the courage and conviction to prosecute officials they replace for Treason and related crimes.

• Your candidates must also agree to impeach and prosecute Marxist Officials not up for reelection.

• Candidates must agree to impeach the four or five Supreme Court Judges who do not strictly comply with the written word and meaning of the constitution and Declaration of Independence.

• Candidates must agree to fire all Federal Judges and to reinstate only those few who have complied with the constitution, don’t make law from the bench and don’t deny people their constitutional rights in court.

• Candidates who don’t understand or support the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, must be defeated.

Now, most importantly your candidates must agree to reverse at once every unconstitutional law passed in the last four years, and divest government of ownership in all business interests. All federal actions, laws, and departments, not authorized by the 10th amendment are unconstitutional and are to be terminated at once. Candidates must promise, as a first order of business to hold hearings on the constitutional right of Barack Obama to be President and on his many criminal actions while in office.

Putting Americans back to work with unlimited prosperity and freedom is simple. Our candidates need only reverse a few laws that benefit the Marxist Super Rich families as follows:

• Eliminate the Income Tax, Tax Free Foundations, IRS and all Federal Taxes, replacing taxes with income from Protective Tariffs only, as was effectively done until 1913.

• Raising the price of imported goods with tariffs deprives the corporations of excess profits from cheap foreign labor forcing them to hire and produce in this country .

• Illegals are highly profitable for employers at the expense of jobs, lowered wage rates for Americans, and increased taxpayer supported expenses. Taxpayers must pay about $25,000 a year to support each illegal head of household which figures out to cost each American, man , women and child about $100 a month each, or $400 a month for a family of four.

• Illegals are also responsible for either the murder, killing, rape, robbery, or molestation of millions of Americans.

• Corporate profits and corruption from drugs and slave labor is the reason Illegals are allowed to invade us and remain in direct violation of the Constitution.

• Contrary to the lies of the Marxist media, Black, Hispanic and Asian Americans want the illegals to go home, cis.org. Three former presidents deported every single illegal.

• The government must deport all illegals which would end unemployment of citizens willing to work, and dramatically reduce government expenditures.

• The intent of the 14th Amendment, contrary to popular opinion, does not authorize citizenship at birth for children of illegals, so stop it with legislation or the courts.

• Any candidate, regardless of party, who does not forcefully advocate all anti-illegal actions listed, is a fellow traveler, an establishment Marxist in hiding, a sleeper, who has been bought and paid for by the Marxist elites. Also any candidate receiving favorable support from the Marxist media or other establishment notables, is highly suspect.

Warning, any illegals remaining in this country when welfare and related benefits are terminated, or valueless for Americans due to Marxist induced depression and hyperinflation will be in mortal danger from hungry and angry mobs.

• Foreign workers being brought in on visas while millions of Americans are unemployed must end

• NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT and all Free Trade agreements allowing manufacturers to exploit foreign workers in other countries while firing Americans must be repealed.

• All international Treaties and Agreements that reduce American Sovereignty in any way must be repealed, such as Law of the Sea. Support of the United Nations must be terminated along with all associated treaties and agreements, most Importantly Agenda 21.

• “The root of nearly every one of the issues we are fighting against is the result of the drive to impose the UN’s Agenda 21 and its policy of Sustainable Development. It is why the government won’t secure our border and stop the invasion of illegals. The full concept of Sustainable Development is rooted in what we call the three Es – Social Equity, Economic Prosperity and Ecological Integrity. It is an entire social agenda designed to create what Al Gore called a “wrenching transformation” of our society. Sustainable Development’s Social Equity plank is based on a demand for “social justice,” a term coined by Karl Marx. It means that individuals must give up “selfish” wants for the needs of the common good or the “community.” Through such a policy everyone has the right to demand a job, healthcare and housing. Sustainable Development is against national borders, calling them a “social injustice. Just as it says private property ownership is a social injustice because it helps build wealth for some. These are the ideas that helped create the downfall of our economy. The root of Sustainable Development is nothing less than redistribution of wealth.” -Tom DeWeese


The Marxist elites and their corrupt followers have stolen the hard earned money of Americans for more than 100 years without most people even being aware of anything but the poverty. They have really expedited their rate of theft in the last two years as part of the centuries old effort to destroy our Republic’s Free Market Economy and replace it with a Marxist One World Order. You must elect candidates who will reverse this treason.

• The privately owned and unconstitutional Federal Reserve Bank must be terminated right now. Any who oppose this must benefit from it.

• The unconstitutional Federal Reserve Note must be terminated with any liability from its demise being the responsibility of the private Federal Reserve Bank and those who benefited from its massive looting. Average Americans who were not a part of the manipulation should be able to exchange their FRNs for a new constitutional currency. There is no way that American citizens should suffer further for the criminal use of an unconstitutional currency (FRN) that has no legal standing under our constitution, we did not authorize it, nor profit from its criminal use, let the traitors pay for their own criminal actions with it.

• Our states must establish a parallel monetary system as authorized by our Constitution before the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Note fails.

• Dr. Edwin Vieira said “The Constitution gave the United States a monetary system under which money could be coined by the government, but not created out of thin air.”

•“The Federal Reserve has surreptitiously sunk $12 trillion of our money into third world infrastructure enriching the elites of industry and banking while it bankrupts every man, woman and child in the industrialized nations.” -Jon. C. Ryter

• Most Americans should have a comfortable level of wealth based upon their work and the savings of their forbearers, but it was stolen by Marxists in control of government for 100 years.

• Failures in our economy were caused by Marxist Unions and Government officials. The Constitutional free markets were not allowed to function.

• The Federal Reserve Bank expands the money supply and contracts it causing business boom and busts.

• “Short Selling” is how the financial conglomerates generated fast revenue, by robbing your 401K. Short selling is the legalized theft of your investments.” -Jon C. Ryter

• “The national banking crisis was fabricated by the Federal Reserve Bank by making it appear that about a third of U.S. banks were on the verge of failure when none were” J. K. Ryter. It was all for their profit and the destruction of our country for the Marxists.

• Please refer to my article for further details and documentation on the preceding points by experts.

Government Employee Unions, not the members of those unions, at all levels are the greatest single danger to Americans and the Republic; they operate as an unconstitutional rogue government force of their own, with unlawful unchecked violence, without fear of prosecution. Most are a modern version of Hitler’s Brown Shirts. Many of these unions are controlled by Marxist criminals who support politicians in return for huge payoffs by looting the public treasury. The Government Employee Unions spent millions to elect this administration in return for government bailouts of their medical and pension funds ,et al, at the expense of taxpayers. Pat Buchanan, and others, reported that Federal Civil Servants earned $123,049 in total compensation last year while Private Workers earned less than half as much, $61,051.

• Government Employee Unions at all levels of government must be outlawed at once.

Private Sector Unions (not government unions) once had a place, when union and corporate leaders were both brutal and unscrupulous. Private sector unions have declined because of corruption by their leaders. Incompetent, if not corrupt Corporate and Union leaders also put large companies out of business with sweetheart agreements for excessive wages and benefits.

• These unions must not be allowed to organize without secret ballots.

Patriots have recognized the absolute necessity to have each other’s backs. The meaning is obvious and significant. Based upon recent brutal attacks by Marxist Heathens, we expect to be the first to bleed again from unprovoked attacks, but then, we will defend ourselves, or if unable, another patriot will.


It is absolutely impossible, by definition, for a Marxist Heathen to believe in God, or to support our Constitution and Declaration of Independence which are both based on The Holy Bible.

• Obama, and some phony Christian leaders are telling people that they must accept and practice the Marxist doctrine of Economic Equality where the government takes everything and distributes it as they see fit. This is all about Marxist Social Justice and Collective Salvation, two concepts that don’t exist in The Holy Bible or our Constitution.

• Obama often says that you must be part of a Collective Salvation to gain redemption. Pope Benedict said this was Demonic.

• Our Marxist Officials follow the same philosophy as the Marxist governments we fought, who murdered and starved to death approximately 100 million of their own citizens.

• During my lifetime, 30 million of my fellow veterans fought these various forms of the Marxist tyranny that now unconstitutionally runs our government; five hundred thousand veterans died, and one million were wounded. But, about thirteen million feisty old veterans are still alive who have had first hand experience with Marxism and good reason to hate it. These veterans will answer a last call to defeat the enemy to guarantee that their sacrifices for freedom were not in vain.

• “The only way to heaven is through faith alone in Jesus Christ. (John 3:36, 8:24, 14:6) This is an essential, non-negotiable of the Christian faith. Anyone who teaches another gospel will be eternally condemned to hell. (Gal 1:8) The Bible teaches Equal Justice, and not the Marxist concept of social justice and redistribution of wealth, et al. By definition, any type of Marxist is an enemy of Jesus Christ, the people, and a traitor to our Constitution.” -Marsha West

It may be difficult, or impossible to enforce the Constitution and Laws of the Republic without using the Constitutionally authorized “Militia of the Several States” to investigate, arrest and prosecute all the criminals in the Chain of Command for Treason. You must insist that state officials activate your Constitutional Militia without delay.

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After reading this paper, you will know astronomically more than average politicians and citizens. It is my hope that you will circulate this information far and wide so our elections will not be in vain. Don’t be fooled by the establishment candidates in both parties. Go to opensecrets.org to learn everything you need to know about a candidate’s financial support.


© 2010 Andrew Wallace - All Rights Reserved

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Andrew C. Wallace is a former Kentucky State Trooper, Kentucky Native, Korean War Veteran, Commercial Pilot in Alaska, University of Kentucky Undergraduate in Business, Four years of Graduate School in Economics and Marketing at University of Kentucky and University of Iowa., Assistant Professor, Thirty years as Director of Marketing Firm developing and implementing national Marketing programs for manufacturers and now retired doing research and writing.

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Our Marxist Progressive Officials are Traitors, who have unconstitutionally seized our government and are killing us by a Thousand Cuts, with more every day.


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