Monday, September 20, 2010

The sword and the sabre

Here is an interesting article and I have thought about this for a long time before I saw this article. This is what our constitution is for , to protect Americans and America, if we didnt' have a constitution we would have been in real trouble a long time ago, now that Obama is in office and we have Muslims coming in by the thousands a month and pushing Shariah law and Mosques and making demands that are just outrageous, we really have to look to the Constitution for help. We don't have to just sit back and let a whole group of people ride over us with mack trucks. Like any naughty child who is a guest at your house, if they can't behave, they are sent home and if they keep it up thats what we need to do. If you read this article and you have also read the constitution there are several clauses in it that apply to more than just unwanted immigrants with strange laws and ideas, it also applies to several things that are being done to us on a daily basis, things that are illegal and against the constitution such as land grabs , conservation of land and of all waterways, oceans, streams and any water they can get their hands on including wells and bab y pools, if anything is an inalienable right its water, without it we die, and we die filthy. Here might be the solution to a lot of problems if we can find someone in the Senate or congress that will finally use it.
Here is the article link, I can't post it , or a lot of my articles because of copyrights but they are intact and the originals.


If you can not get this with the above link then use th elink in the spae on top maarked "link"

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