Friday, April 9, 2010

Dirty Uncle Sam

This is an email from a friend of mine, he is a constitutional researcher , he has decided to run for the Senate, he probably won't win, but then again, maybe he will. Take a look at his website and the video, it is an eye opener, you may not vote for him but you will learn what to ask the man you will vote for, his answers should be interesting. I told him I owul dspread this around so here it is, unfortunately my links never show up live so you will have to copy and paste, sorry aobut that but it will be worth it to you. Here is his email

Hi, Bruceray here from Dirtyunclesam.com. I just put up a new video with over 50 documents available for download and printing on the website to backup the statements made within. I’ve managed to take 24 years of research and study and condense it to a 17 minute video. This also my campaign video as I'm running for U.S. Senate. Win or lose I will wake the people up to the truth as I go along.

Dirtyunclesam.com is a free information site with no log in or personal information required that shows how a different form of government citizenship with jurisdictions that differ from the ones outlined in our Constitution have been imposed on Americans. This Unconstitutional jurisdiction is the vessel that carries the laws and problems associated with most tea party complaints. For example: gun control, income tax, health care, carbon tax, etc… Basically 90% of all laws and taxes come from this illegal jurisdiction which the Supremacy clause of the Constitution strikes with null. You can help by spreading the word about http://www.dirtyunclesam.com by telling friends and family or by sending out emails with a link to the site

If you would like to support the campaign you can click here dirtyunclesam.com for infomation on contributions. I'm running for a federal office and can receive donations from any U.S. Citizen in any of the 50 states.

Bruce Ray Riggs

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